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This page details the features of the grid within the main window.
If you are interested in what the toolbar can offer you, please go here.

Here is a screenshot of the grid;

Main Window
(Click on the picture to view an actual size image)

Each column shows the corresponding piece from the log file. The Process deserves a special treatment. A w3wp entry is replaced by its application pool name, if the process id matches an application pool currently running (the original process id is then available in a tooltip). Of course, this is only useful if you are analyzing a live system. This feature can only work if you run the Deobfuscator with administrator privileges activated. On Windows Server 2003, this is common. On Windows 2008 and later, this must usually be explicitly activated.

Log entries spanning multiple lines are merged together.

Additional files can dragged&dropped onto the window.

If you select a single entry and press Ctrl-C, the clipboard is filled with the details of this entry, with one line per field. If you select several lines and press Ctrl-C, the clipboard is filled with one line per entry, with a tab delimiter between fields, suitable for pasting in, say, Excel.

Let's go through its main parts:

Filter on Header Meaningful columns have a filter button.
Feel free to adujst the column widths. They are remembered for future sessions.

Filter Values The actual values in these columns can be shown/hidden easily.

Filter Feedback When a filter is active, the icon changes and a tooltip gives more information.

Filter Contextual Menu Right-click on the changed icon to quickly remove the filter on the column.

Message Area At the bottom, the message of the currently-selected log entry is displayed

(I copied the idea from ). This area is resizable (and the size is remembered for future sessions).
Note that, when a stack trace is recognized, it is - slightly - pretty-printed.

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