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This page details the coloring capabilities of the Deobfuscator.

This feature enables you to change the background and foreground color of some log entries, depending on the value of some fields.

Manage color rules
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You can also define the default foreground and background color for all log entries that do not match any rule.

Each rule is shown in the list, with a summary of the values you chose for each field. A rule can have a name; the second column shows the chosen foreground and background colors.

Rules are evaluated in order. The first one to match wins (and the following rules are not evaluated to get the log entry color).

The rule details are like this:
Edit color rule

Choose any value that make up the rule. As you can imagine, values for the same field are combined with an 'or' operator and values for different fields are combined with an 'and' operator. Enter a value for the message or correlation field if it should be a part of the rule.
It is not required to specify both a foreground and a background color. If one is not given, the default one is used instead.

It makes sense for some rules to be persistent; and it does not for others. So the choice is yours.

For the technically minded: A System.Linq.Expressions.Expression is computed for each rule and then compiled. So a rule is as fast as can be but of course this feature should be used with moderation.

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