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This page details the features of the log file chooser window.

If you are interested in getting to know the features of the grid within the main window, please go here.
If you are interested in the features of the toolbar within the main window, please go here.

Here is a picture of the custom-tailored "file chooser' dialog:
File chooser dialog
(Click on it to see a full-size image.)

Let's go through each part of the window:

SharePoint logs directory Automatically determines the SharePoint logs directory.

Lets you browse to a given directory. You can also drag & drop a directory name from a file explorer.Selected directory

Last n directories The text box is actually a drop-down list where you can quick get at the last 10 directories that you browsed to.

The contents of the currently-selected log directory is analyzed and and shown in a friendly way.
Directory contents
The log file name is parsed and its components are displayed individually.
The directory is "watched" and changes are automatically reflected in the list view.
You can select several files here. Feel free to resize the columns to your liking. The widths are remembered for future sessions.

There are other ways to select the file to display:
Choose a date and time You can choose a log file by entering a date and time. The log will automatically jump to this date and time.

Time matching This date and time is compared with the available log files.

You can also browse for a specific file yourself.
Browse yourself

The 10 last files are displayed here and can be quickly selected.
Last 10 open files
You can also drag & drop files and they will be opened without further ado.

If you launch the deobfuscator with command-line parameters, they are interpreted as log file paths and are opened without showing this dialog. This allows using the 'Send to' mechanism of Explorer.

Remove duplicate lines SharePoint sometimes repeats some log lines. You can choose to have the duplicates automatically trimmed out.

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