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Project Description
ULS Deobfuscator is a viewer for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013+ ULS log files.

When having to analyze SharePoint log files, I think that there are 2 difficulties:
  • Finding the right log file.
  • Reading the log file contents.

This viewer tackles the first problem by featuring a log chooser window that displays the available log files in an easy-to-read format.
Reading the log file is made easier through a grid that displays the log entries in a structured format.

The features of the log chooser window are presented here.

The features of the grid within main window are presented here.
The features of the toolbar within the main window are presented here.

Miscellaneous other features
  • Single EXE, no setup, just download and run.
  • The sizes of most elements are remembered across sessions (window sizes, positions, column widths, etc.)
  • A log file is created in %APPDATA% in case of crash. Please send it to me if it happens to you.

Recent changes:
  • Added support for annotations of log lines (persistent in isolated storage)
  • Annotation markers are shown over the scroll bar (and are clickable)
  • Search matches are now shown on the scroll bar, too
  • Added annotation toolbar group, with annotations lists, next/previous buttons
  • Added color rule for annotations

Suggestions, comments, remarks, personal attacks here or send me an e-mail.

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